About me

I am a Software Engineer living in south Germany. I would say that I am a generalist. I love learning new things and digging into them. This passion took me from my vocational training as an electronics technician, to my master studies in computer science (intelligent systems). My focus is machine learning, distributed (parallel) computing and general backend development.

My journey to computer science:

My first contact with programming languages came through computer games, when I was at the school. We did not have computer science or anything related with programming at the school. The closest subject was electronics and that is why I did a vocational training in electronics. In these ~4 years I learned how computer work from the bare metal (micro controller programming) and other network and communication stuff.

Vocational training in Germany is very job orientated, and you don´t learn in detail how the things work, so after the military service and 1 year on the job, I decided to study. I worked the whole bachelor as a working student in an eCommerce company first in the IT support and later as Java developer. I can only recommend everyone to get practical experience while studying. The connection between practice and theory is very valuable for both sides. For the bachelor thesis, I joined a startup, because I was very interested to write my thesis about parallel GPU computing and computer vision.

After graduation, I went back to the eCommerce company as a software engineer. In the new job I worked with Hadoop, Apache Spark and Microservices and found the link between high performance computing, distributed java development and machine learning. Almost one year later, I started my part-time master studies in computer science: intelligent systems.

At this moment, my master studies are finished except for my thesis, which I am writing in Switzerland at CERN.

Christian Freischlag, 29

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Software Engineer


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Developer Training for Spark and Hadoop I – Cloudera
Machine Learning Nanodegree – Udacity

Academic work

I was invited to present my bachelor thesis at the International Summer School on Visual Computing @Fraunhofer IGD in Rostock.