About me

I am a Software Engineer living in south Germany. I would say that I am a generalist. I love learning new things and digging into them. This passion took me from my vocational training as an electronics technician, to my master degree in computer science.

I worked for several companies in different fields, like GPU programming in a startup for real time computer vision systems, building big data backends in an eCommerce company and also developing reactive streams at CERN. What all these different jobs have in common is that it is about fast, scalable and/or reliable data. At the moment I am working as a machine learning engineer, which means basically the same, but adds my passion for machine learning.

Christian Freischlag, 30
Machine Learning Engineer

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  • Games
  • Game programming
  • Science
  • Guitar
  • Mountainbike

Curriculum Vitae


Master of Science (2018) part-time
Computer Science - Intelligent Systems
Nanodegree (2017)
Machine Learning Engineer
Bachelor of Science (2015)
Computer Science - Media and Communication technology
Collage entrance qualification (2011)
Electronics technician (2008)
Vocational training: Information technology


Machine Learning Engineer @Chrono24 (2016-present)
Web Backend & Machine Learning
Technical student @CERN (2017)
Internship in Machine Protection Software
Software Engineer Java @Connexity (2015-2016)
Web and Big Data
Working student @Myestro (2014-2015)
Computer Vision
Working student @Connexity (2012-2014)
Java web development
Field service technician @SONY (2009-2010)
Repair and configuration of Sony flat screens


Developer Training for Spark and Hadoop I – Cloudera
Machine Learning Nanodegree – Udacity

Academic work

I was invited to present my bachelor thesis at the International Summer School on Visual Computing @Fraunhofer IGD in Rostock.

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