First week @CERN

Day 1

So the first day is over and it was quite a long one, full of information, formal stuff and new people. The first day is the official on-boarding event, so its the same for all newcomers. There are several things to manage on the first day (access card, accounts, bike rental, bank account…). The first impression is that CERN is big and looks like an old factory and the roads are confusing, but that is only the first environmental impression. On the other side all people are very helpful and polite and you can feel the science spirit. Unfortunately the first day was cloudy and rainy and my trip through the CERN area was a bit wet, mostly because I tried to get into the CERN area from the Saint Genis entrance, which is only open in the morning and in the evening. I had to turn around and cycle the distance twice. Well that is something you only do wrong once. I enjoyed the food in the restaurant 1, which was good and cheap (for the region) and I can also recommend the CERN hotel, which is quite and also not very expensive.

Days 2-4

To be honest, I was expecting a better on-boarding, as CERN has a lot of short contractors. At least in my department it seems like, they are very busy with other things and so had not a exact plan, what the newcomers should do. There were some problems with privileges and other access stuff (not a big deal). A bit disappointing was, that I was forgotten, when the team assigned projects. Therefore I can not work on the project I was looking for. Anyway there are very interesting projects, so I hope to catch a good one.


  • Except for the Globe, CERN is not a beautiful place
  • People are very friendly
  • Science spirit
  • Visit your shared flat before you take it, if possible (landlords rent out ruins)
  • DonĀ“t have to high expectations in the first days


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