[Webservices] Easy RESTful APIs with Swagger

I found a very nice tool to define a API for RESTful Webservices, which is called Swagger. The reason why this tool is so cool, is that you define your web service in yaml, which is very intuitive and much better than other immediate languages. But the best part is that you can create not only the clients easily for more than 30 frameworks in different languages, you can also generate server stubs for 18 frameworks (currently). Including Spring and JAX-RS.

When generating server stubs, the application is already ready-to-run and also provides a pretty API documentation, where you can also test your RESTful API calls.

Here is a simple example for a CRUD API, which is very easy to understand:

This is how the editor shows the API

The in-production API documentation

Here you can try out the editor: Click

Another use case would be to generate the swagger definition (yaml) from other (JAX-RS) frameworks and provide the API documentation with swagger.

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