Week 2

The second week at CERN is over and the work has begun to feel somewhat productive. I have started to work with the ELK stack, which gathers log data from one of many LHC monitoring systems. What I like about it, is that they use Kubernets and OpenStack, so there are a lot of things to figure out. I also roughly learned how the LHC works and it is impressive to see how the biggest machine on the world is operated.

Besides the work, I was looking for clubs and bought a used mountain bike. The area here is very good for cycling and especially downhill and mountain biking. I am also looking for a car now, because if you don´t live directly in Geneva, its much better to have one. I have two options, which are buying a new car (special offer for members of an international organization) or a cheap car, just for this one year.

My girlfriend was visiting me and we went to the supermarket in France, which was quite surprising because its really big and they have a much bigger selection then German supermarkets. The had even fresh hummers in a aquarium.

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